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Latest Posts

Clinton Ellis: Elementary Workshop

In the wood shop I took the skills I have learned and taught it to a group of students I made lesson plans, lead classes, and taught the design process Before class I started to make lesson plans Here is an example.

Fresh Cuts: Vlog

“Measure once, cut once” Ever wondered what my setup looks like? Whether it be the wood side of things or welding, below I created a short vlog of me showing you around. In the vlog you will see the work space I’ve created for welding. Also a look inside our wood-shop here at The DeltaContinue reading “Fresh Cuts: Vlog”

REP Vlog

I was able to pick up and drop off all my donations for the Refugee Empowerment Program yesterday! I was so blessed to have more donations than I had expected! It was amazing and I’m looking forward to continuing this relationship with REP in the future.

Expert That I Admire

There are many experts when it comes to hay production, but the one that I admire most would be John Jennings, a professor in animal sciences at the University of Arkansas. The University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture wrote an article talking about hay production through pasture management. This article states that “establishing and managingContinue reading “Expert That I Admire”

Japanese Woodworking

Japanese woodworking has been around for hundreds of years. The first great revolution of Japanese joinery was during the Yayoi period (200 B.C – A.D. 250). This period was marked by the introduction of iron tools. Two popular joinery pieces were tenons and mortises. The next major period of Japanese woodworking was the Tumulus period,Continue reading “Japanese Woodworking”

Design Experience: flip everything on its head.

Design experience and the visualization of information is essential to conveying important emotions, thoughts, information, and concepts. Usually this information is communicated through regular methods, like text, video, and digital graphics. What would the experience be if we designed it to be just slightly wrong? Over the past few months, I’ve created quite a fewContinue reading “Design Experience: flip everything on its head.”

Comparative Essay

William Osman is someone that I really admire, not only for his 3D printing capabilities, but also for his ability to rapidly prototype. A few examples of his work are the “Automatic Rain Goggles”, “Sushi Chopsticks”, and even his “Anti-Soggy Cereal Spoon”. Even though these creations are not strictly 3D printing, they show Osman’s skillsContinue reading “Comparative Essay”

A week with Aidan

In this video, I explain what a week in my field of expertise is like. I talk about my process of cutting out Japanese joinery for my table I am building for my last credit. I also explain my process of designing a bench for my clients in Elementary B to represent deforestation.

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