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Metal Palm Tree Design

Over the course of learning how to weld I have produced several different products. This involves set up and problem solving to get started and knowing which welds are right for the task. One of my best artifacts had the same process. After the idea for the artifact was created then I had to come…

Purposeful Distortion

By: Jiya Mangat Purposely distorting in screen printing involves intentionally altering the placement or shape of design elements. Sometimes, these alterations may occur by accident and result in unexpected visual effects. Since I liked the way it turned out I deliberately repeated the process to achieve the same outcome. Materials: Screen, Squeegee, Ink, Watercolor Paper,…

Art Collaboration

This year I collaborated with Zmaria who is the resident expert of art. I felt that since welding can be used to make art as well we could do an art project. Zmaria designed the idea for how we would collaborate and this led to a painting with a welded art piece in front of…

Tack Welds and Why they are Important

Tack Welds  Tack welds are welds that are used to connect two pieces of metal together before laying down the final weld or finishing weld. A finishing weld is the weld that covers the entire seam. Tack welds make the welding of large and complex projects like a car frame much easier because once you…

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab is a browser-based music tool for experimentation and mainly just messing around. It includes things like a spectrograph, “voice spinner” and many more. If you’re interested in experimenting with these things I would challenge you to create something from a tool that you have never heard of! This also allows you to…

Welding Amateur VS Pro

During my welding learning experience, I have found several extremely helpful resources. However, I have also become more interested in a content creator I used to watch quite a bit. Colin Furze is an innovative Youtube creator in the UK who creates super cool projects that typically involve welding in their construction. Learning about welding…

Fourth week Top Nature Photos Artifact 4 🌿📸

This shot was of the same tree I took four weeks ago in my first photos but as the weeks went by the leaves turned into a darker red due to fall so in a way I attempted to create a before and after images, if you want to check out the before photo go…

Second Week Top Nature Photos Artifact 2 🌱📸

I took majority of these photos in the early morning so even though the morning sunlight was beautiful, it was a challenge to take great photos with all the shadows of the trees but there were so many squirrels out so I followed one and captures this picture . It was close to the makers…

First Week Top Nature Photos Artifact 1

Little overview 🌱 Through these photos I wanted to capture the small things in nature that people tend to miss. Taking photos also gives me time to get fresh air, learn more about nature, and can help me spread appreciation for little beautiful moments nature creates. I am also building skill with handling a camera and…

Water Testing!

Hello! My name is Anna Nielsen, I am the lab and ecologist expert and I hope you enjoy this article.

Sous Vide Steak

April 12th Sous vide steak I started at 9:30am and was finished at around 1:30 so all in all it took about 4 hours. The process was pretty easy. All I did was season the steak, put it in the ziplock bag and the sous vide it! The steak was SO good!

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