Fresh cuts: Interviewing The Other Side

“Measure Once, Cut Once”

Ever wondered what It’s like to build something? What about designing? For today’s article I would like to focus on the other side of what I do. Design! Below will be a conversation I had with a classmate Pryce Foyt.

Foyt mostly spends his days designing buildings or an idea someone has on a software called “Sketch up”. When I talk to him I want to understand why sketch up is so useful in creating something. I want to know how he is able to do it all day everyday. Also where does he see the software in ten years.

Our conversation

Clinton – So Pryce, why is Sketchup so useful when it comes to building or creating something? 

Pryce – “The most useful thing I have found that sketchup helps with is a materials list. When given measurements I am able to completely frame out any space. This means I am able to tell my client how many two by fours, two by sixes, or four by fours and so on. This eliminates a lot of waste. It also allows the client to know how much money they will spend.

Clinton – Pryce I have to know… How do you work on sketchup all day everyday? Does it get exhausting?

Pryce – “Sketchup is like a puzzle to me. Much like math. Watching the puzzle complete itself inside of the program is super rewarding. It also helps a lot of people as well. So when I finish a building or design it helps multiple people and it’s also a large scale product that I constructed with a skill, technique, and taste that only I use. So no it never really does exhaust me. There is always something new I can create.

Clinton – My last question, Where do you see sketchup in the next ten years? Also do you think you’ll still be using it? 

Pryce – “I already have a couple years of work lined up for me. If I choose to follow that path I will be able to design more housing units. In the far future I think I will still use it. I will be able to if I get my own business showcase things online, share with other people, and cut material cost with designs.

From the talk I had today I’m starting to understand more about “The Other Side” of things. I hope you gained some knowledge from today’s talk and consider using sketch up and create something.

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