Finding my resident expert – CNC Routing

At the high school I attend instead of jobs or roles that a more traditional school would offer, we have what are called resident experts. To be a resident expert in are school means that you are the on-campus expert of a specific craft. When you get into high school you are required to become a resident expert in a craft of your choice.

The process starts by writing down multiple things that you’re interested in and a few that you’re not. After that, you would choose three topics that you wrote; two being interests and one being disinterest. Over the next three weeks, you experiment with these topics and create artifacts for each. Artifacts are high-quality products that are created by a student using their craft. After these three weeks, the student chooses their resident expert.

For my three, I chose circuit/tech, pottery, and CNC routing. I started with pottery, moved on to tech, and finished with the CNC router since it was the one I was most disinterested in. Despite that, I met with my teacher and we created my first CNC artifact, the master sword from The Legend of Zelda. For the rest of the week, I created multiple artifacts and even choose the CNC router as my resident expert.

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