Fresh Cuts: Guest Conversation

“Measure Once, Cut Once”

Recently I’ve been learning all about welding and how I can use that skill to create art. Before I get into it I wanted to have a conversation with an expert in the field. Luckily I know a guy!

The expert I chose was Tracey Rogers, a guy that’s in the field and has a mobile welding business. When reaching out to him I first asked if he could come to my shop to explain a stick welder we have.

Tracey’s Service Truck

First Tracey talked about prepping your metal then he went on about rods. The rod is what create the weld, there is a lot of different kinds he showed. The rod is just metal on the inside with flux around it to connect two metals together.


We looked at our machine together and learned that it needed to be serviced. New fuel filter, new battery, and the filters needed to be blown out.


I got it!

With the help of Tracey I was able to understand more about stick welding and started practicing from there.

Published by clintone03

I currently go to a project based learning school. Recently I have been creating projects based off what I like to do or learn more about. On my site I will be sharing my work and building my portfolio.

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