Design Roadmap: Garden

Throughout the resident expert aspect of the year, I was able to work in the garden. Mr. Todd had me doing different tasks around the garden to help out in any way that I could. At the start, I was mainly focusing on compost to further my knowledge in that field. Once I got the overall feel for that I was able to branch out and help with other parts of the garden. One task that I wish I would’ve spent a little more time with would be pruning the apple trees. While at first, I thought that it was just another simple task, it wasn’t. Ever since my 3rd-year self-directed study has started I haven’t spent much time over there. I was trying to focus all my time constructing my junior project. Throughout my time in the garden, I have found myself working in different parts, I have worked with compost, pruning apple trees, and many other things.

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