Compare and Contrast: TLC Highlights and Moving Manila Forward

Here’s an example of some of my editing work. I split the editing with another member of my team, and we filmed and finished it in about 2 days. Filming for an event like this one (a conference) is fun! The pressure of needing a showable video ready at the end of the event creates some stress, but the end result is so rewarding and fun.

I’ll be comparing this video, which I edited, with a video about my town created by the University of Arkansas:

The concept of each video is different. Mine is an event highlight video with no speaking. It’s meant to be high-energy and capture the fun of the conference. However, a lot can still be communicated (or not communicated) with the cuts you make, the music you choose, and

I chose more upbeat music for my video, which can be attributed to the different purposes of each video.

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