Steps to my Own Business

Since I have started working on architecture and just digital design as a whole I realized I might want to start my own business. Since my graduation from high school is coming up in only a year now, I like to think of what I would do if I don’t instantly go to college. OpeningContinue reading “Steps to my Own Business”

SketchUp File to STL to Print

The first thing you want to do is get your desired design. Bring your design into a layout that is in millimeters. In this case I will be printing a pavilion I designed in Sketchup. Once you have your desired print, the next step is to simplify the model. If your model’s lines are tooContinue reading “SketchUp File to STL to Print”

Turtle Towers Collaboration

With spring in full swing, our campus is coming to life. Birds are chirping, the insects are back, and baby turtles are starting to be seen walking around campus. As a result, my science class was tasked with creating a bigger enclosure for our turtles. There needed to be a table to hold the tanks,Continue reading “Turtle Towers Collaboration”

Rapid Prototyping. What is it?

When fabricating you have multiple ideas. You have multiple different iterations you go through, unique shapes, sizes, and perspectives. 3-D printing is no exception. One thing that you might not have a lot of is time, though. The more intricate a design, the more time it is going to take to create. How can youContinue reading “Rapid Prototyping. What is it?”

Frank Lloyd Wright vs. Pryce Foyt

Frank Lloyd Wright holds the title for creating this passion I have for architecture. His method of Organic Architecture really lined up with what I wanted to create. From noting this similarity I began to study him and look at his most famous pieces, including one I saw at Crystal Bridges Now that I haveContinue reading “Frank Lloyd Wright vs. Pryce Foyt”

My path with SketchUp

In my resident expert I focus on digital design. The program I use is SketchUp, which has become the backbone of my projects this year. My first design was for one of the teachers here at the school. The prompt was to create the two sides of each makerspace and create a framed-in breezeway. IContinue reading “My path with SketchUp”

SketchUp Resources

TheSketchUpEssentials is a YouTube channel full of tips and tricks for SketchUp. The videos are always fast and easy to understand. Content ranges from simple tools uses to animated robot arm designs. This channel always provides a solution to problems I encounter in SketchUp. If you ever find yourself struggling with SketchUp, this channel isContinue reading “SketchUp Resources”

Meeting With External Clients

In this post I go to Hardy, Arkansas to meet with clients related to my third-year self directed study. I aim to become a professional in architecture, so I took every step I saw fit to replicate that experience. I printed off my designs and observed the site by taking photos and videos.