Design Roadmap of “Westside Honey”

“Westside Honey” is an upbeat song that is written by Samantha Robertson. The song is made up of 100 raw audio files. It was originally produced by Micheal Leto and then given up for competition in April 2021. I’m going to take you through my mixing roadmap and run you through my progress. I startedContinue reading “Design Roadmap of “Westside Honey””

Interview With Neil Passmore

I recently had the pleasure of having an informative call with Neil Passmore. Neil Passmore is a songwriter and the creator of TOURNA-MIX, a website that allows mixing engineers to practice their craft as they compete with others. Some of the questions I asked were how to make it into the music industry, what influencedContinue reading “Interview With Neil Passmore”

Comparative Essay

William Osman is someone that I really admire, not only for his 3D printing capabilities, but also for his ability to rapidly prototype. A few examples of his work are the “Automatic Rain Goggles”, “Sushi Chopsticks”, and even his “Anti-Soggy Cereal Spoon”. Even though these creations are not strictly 3D printing, they show Osman’s skillsContinue reading “Comparative Essay”

Monitor Debezleing

For this tutorial I am going to teach you how to debezl a monitor. This process is usually for either combining multiple screens or just to take off the logo. DISCLAIMER: YOU NEED TO HAVE PROPER SAFETY WHEN WORKING WITH ANYTHING ELECTRICAL, DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Step One: You are going to wantContinue reading “Monitor Debezleing”

Three Dimensional Printing

While 3d printing there are multiple resources that can come to use while experimenting. One of these resources is a website called “Thingiverse” and its a website that consists of people who love to create and post their creations to free use of other printers. One way I like to use this website isContinue reading “Three Dimensional Printing”