Steps to my Own Business

Since I have started working on architecture and just digital design as a whole I realized I might want to start my own business. Since my graduation from high school is coming up in only a year now, I like to think of what I would do if I don’t instantly go to college. Opening my own firm is an example of a road I could follow. Before I can get anywhere near business I need to know what it is first. I went and spoke with a previous employer of mine and asked her how she manages her own business.

Jill Forester runs Whitton Farms. She produces flowers as well as vegetables. I asked her to give me an overview of what it is she does, as well as what has she gone by to run Whitton Farms. She started off by saying “Owning your own business means taking a big risk”. She talked about how your money, reputation, and your time are put on the line. Ms. Jill talked about if you are going to go into starting a business do something you are passionate about. Follow a task that you desire and never get bored of. For example, she told me that when she started off at Whitton Farms, the motivation was to give back to the community. She inherited a few hundred acres of land and for a birthday gift, she was given Sunflowers and Zinnias. She took them to the farmer’s market and sold more than three capfuls worth of flowers. Once she noticed she loved everything about the process she went into it full time. Receiving high tunnels and money from donations and committees she decided the way she would give back would be to join these and donate supplies as well. Through this, she made multiple relationships which she still has today. Both her and the friends continue to support each other

Overall the main takeaway was to grow strong relationships, give back to the community, and don’t take anything for granted. Moving forward with my career I feel this may be what I focus on as well. Seeing that both Ms. Jill and myself enjoy the close relationships made between others making this a big part of my own business will be beneficial. I feel I would also benefit from giving back to the community. Seeing that they have helped me in my efforts with school already it’s only right to start supporting them as well.

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