Compare and Contrast: TLC Highlights and Moving Manila Forward

Here’s an example of some of my editing work. I split the editing with another member of my team, and we filmed and finished it in about 2 days. Filming for an event like this one (a conference) is fun! The pressure of needing a showable video ready at the end of the event createsContinue reading “Compare and Contrast: TLC Highlights and Moving Manila Forward”

LUTs 101

It’s easy to shoot video- the tedious part comes when you sit down and edit the footage! Editing can be a long process, and it’s helpful to have tools at your disposal that streamline the process and save you some headaches. LUTs are one of those tools. LUT stands for ‘look up table’. It’s essentiallyContinue reading “LUTs 101”

How to Find a Data Set for Your Data Visualization (Python)

When you’re creating a data visualization, one of the first things you do is identify what data you’ll be using. Once you’ve landed on a topic, you need to find a data set that fits your needs, clean it up if necessary, and put it in the proper format for your project. In this post,Continue reading “How to Find a Data Set for Your Data Visualization (Python)”

E-Commerce Development Visualized

I formulated this research question for my final project: “How has expanding use of the Internet impacted e-commerce in the United States?” The number of Internet users worldwide is constantly growing, and I wanted to see firsthand just how much Internet use and e-commerce have grown. I started by looking at what percentage of theContinue reading “E-Commerce Development Visualized”

Soapmaking 101

Last year, I started a soap company called Purely Delta. I wanted to learn how to make moisturizing soap that smelled great and was good for sensitive skin, but didn’t know where to start. After doing some digging, I found this article that explained the different types of soap and how they’re made: IContinue reading “Soapmaking 101”