Photography Composition

In photography there are a ton of different techniques and rules on how to get just the right photo. Starting out can be intimidating, but it isn’t as hard as it looks. In this tutorial I’m gonna be going over a couple of different techniques in photography and how to use them to your advantage. 

The first and most well known composition technique is the rule of thirds. On a lot of cameras there will sometimes be a setting that allows you to see a grid when taking a photo. This is to help the photographer follow this rule. So to follow this rule, when taking a photo imagine a three by three grid across your scene and where the lines of the grid intersect is where you should move the subject or focus point of your photo. In the example photo you can see the tree is centered along one line and crosses two of the four intersecting lines.

Another composition technique to remember when taking your next photo is the golden ratio. The golden ratio is used in much more than just photography, in fact it is used in almost everything visual. The golden ratio creates an image that is much more appealing to our eyes and helps almost guide the viewer to the main subject. When using this technique your main subject or area with the most details in your photo should be in the smallest points of the spiral. Try to keep your key points of the image within the spiral so the person viewing your photo isn’t going all over the place and can see everything easily.

The third composition technique I wanna talk about is framing in your photos. Framing is kind of like a natural way to draw attention to the subject within your photo. A lot of times photographers will use the natural environment around them to frame their photos. Things like trees and mountains are great for natural framing as you can see in the examples below.

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