Photography & Graphic Design: A Fun Collaboration Between Jake & Evie

Jake Hart and I decided to do each other a favor, I would make graphics for his digital portfolio ‘Through the Lens of Jake Hart’, and he would take professional pictures of me that I could use for my portfolio, etc. For Evie Ezekiel I took portrait photos of her to use in her portfolioContinue reading “Photography & Graphic Design: A Fun Collaboration Between Jake & Evie”

Photography Composition

In photography there are a ton of different techniques and rules on how to get just the right photo. Starting out can be intimidating, but it isn’t as hard as it looks. In this tutorial I’m gonna be going over a couple of different techniques in photography and how to use them to your advantage. Continue reading “Photography Composition”

Simple Adobe Photoshop Editing

Recently, I’ve been doing some simple editing for photos I’ve taken for a class, and in this post, I’m going to share some tips that I’ve learned through this process. For this photo, I wanted to enhance the color and give it a more lively feel. You can clearly see the change between these photos,Continue reading “Simple Adobe Photoshop Editing”

Animation Resources

When I started using Adobe Animate, I not only struggled with learning the program itself, but also with understanding different styles of animation. I was inexperienced and had no clue where to begin. Eventually, I began researching different styles of animation and practicing them on Adobe. One of the first animation pieces I made wasContinue reading “Animation Resources”

History of Animation

Animation was created by the French artist Émile Cohl in 1908. Cohl created the traditional foundation of the animation we see today. Animation became a key part of Cohl’s career after he became known for his animations targeting people in political power. Cohl made two animations of the president and he was risking it asContinue reading “History of Animation”