Clinton Ellis

“Measure Once, Cut Once”

What is a sculpture? It’s a part of visual arts, something three-dimensional, or forms and figures. When I think of a sculpture, I think of something eye-appealing and cool to look at. In my previous post, I introduced you to my next project; making metal sculptures, and I’m blogging the journey. (Last post here) So far, I’ve created this…


I’ve found someone that’s local with skill and I’m inspired by the work.

The artist I’ve chosen is YVONNE BOBO Go check out her online studio attached to the name.

For my next project, I want to take something she has created and make my own version. For example, check these out


After brainstorming ideas on how to take what she’s done and make my own version from it. I’ve done a few sketches and now I’m ready to gather material and create.

Final Product also shown on my website

Website link below

Check my main page (link below)

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Recently I have been creating projects based off what I like to do or learn more about. My site shows my work and gives the chance to build my portfolio.

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