Design Roadmap: Garden

Throughout the resident expert aspect of the year, I was able to work in the garden. Mr. Todd had me doing different tasks around the garden to help out in any way that I could. At the start, I was mainly focusing on compost to further my knowledge in that field. Once I got theContinue reading “Design Roadmap: Garden”

Expert That I Admire

There are many experts when it comes to hay production, but the one that I admire most would be John Jennings, a professor in animal sciences at the University of Arkansas. The University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture wrote an article talking about hay production through pasture management. This article states that “establishing and managingContinue reading “Expert That I Admire”

Share a Resource: HVAC Installation

While working on the tiny house, I had to install a HVAC unit (we used a Mr. Cool 12k DIY Mini Split unit). This was a new experience for me, so I had to watch different videos to understand what I was going to do. Here’s one of the videos that I watched for theContinue reading “Share a Resource: HVAC Installation”

Working With Ray Benson

The guest I have been in conversation with is Ray Benson, from the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. I was able to get in contact with Mr. Ray through Mrs. Brown. We’ve talked about many different things throughout my project. For my junior project, I am studying hay production. I will be running testContinue reading “Working With Ray Benson”

How to Create a Dutch Door

It all started when the Tiny House arrived back at the school. It came back without a door and I thought to myself – “What is the fun of just installing a normal door? Let’s make it more complex by taking a slab door and creating a dutch door!”  So when the slab door gotContinue reading “How to Create a Dutch Door”