Comparative Exercise; Michael Reeves

Creative coding is a very large field, computer processing content creation can take the from of really anything.

Someone I admire a lot in the Creative coding community is Michael Reeves. Michael Reeves is a YouTube creator that specializes in robotics and programming content. Much of his content is well, to be frank, just an assortment of impressive and many times disturbing jokes. But his videos makes for some incredibly entertaining and hilarous content.

Even though comparing my work with a creator who has over 6 million subscribers seems trivial and not on the same scale. It seems to be an interesting exercise in showing the diversity of the field of creative coding.

My work, that focuses on creative art expression using the tools of creative coding- namely processing- is vastly different in tone, execution, and tools used. I use processing platforms to create art and visualizations to express my nature as a creative person.

Some of the @thedigital.sanctuary works

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