Conversations with REP

I’ve been working with the Refugee Empowerment Program for several months now. I’ve written an article as well as run a fundraiser to support them. As this project is coming to a close, I wanted to share a piece of a conversation I had with Ruth Lomo and Jesika Davidson. Ruth Lomo is the founderContinue reading “Conversations with REP”

BallyCast Compare & Contrast

As we have been waiting to hear back from NPR about the results of the podcast competition, I have spent time considering the BallyCast submission and the quality of it compared to other podcasts. You can listen to ‘The Hauntings of Breckie’ at this link – These are some past winners and honorable mentions:Continue reading “BallyCast Compare & Contrast”

The Refugee Empowerment Program

“To empower refugees and immigrants in Memphis, TN by offering high-quality, tailored programming that encourages, educates, and equips individuals, families, and the community.” This is the mission statement of the Refugee Empowerment Program, or REP, which I’ve been working with for my senior project. This program has worked diligently to fulfill their mission. One studentContinue reading “The Refugee Empowerment Program”

How to Go on a Haunted Trip

If you want to go on a haunted trip, the first thing you have to do is corner Mr. Buckley in the AV room. You need to convince him that going on this haunted trip will not only be a fun experience but will also help improve your podcasting skills in a new way. OnceContinue reading “How to Go on a Haunted Trip”

Resources I Used For My Senior Project

A couple days after a particularly long meeting (long both mentally and in actual time) between the seniors and teachers, I received a list of resources about refugees and the Syrian refugee crisis. I have found these articles interesting and helpful. The above article explains the differences between refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, and migrants.Continue reading “Resources I Used For My Senior Project”

Roadmap for Literature, Literacy, and English

For those of you that are unaware (hopefully all the high schoolers are aware), the high school students this year are each a resident expert of something that, over the years, they have become slightly skilled at. My resident area of expertise has been affectionately dubbed LLE meaning Literature, Literacy, and English. To quote myContinue reading “Roadmap for Literature, Literacy, and English”

How to Make Your Transcript 3rd Year to 4th Year First Semester:

3rd Year First Semester: Make your MTC account. Your email address will just be your TDS one and you’ll have a password given to you by Mr. P that you can change whenever you want. Add 1 or 2 evidences in Seminar and promptly forget the password. 3rd Year Second Semester: After being told multipleContinue reading “How to Make Your Transcript 3rd Year to 4th Year First Semester:”