Comparative Exercise; Michael Reeves

Creative coding is a very large field, computer processing content creation can take the from of really anything. Someone I admire a lot in the Creative coding community is Michael Reeves. Michael Reeves is a YouTube creator that specializes in robotics and programming content. Much of his content is well, to be frank, just anContinue reading “Comparative Exercise; Michael Reeves”

Design Experience: flip everything on its head.

Design experience and the visualization of information is essential to conveying important emotions, thoughts, information, and concepts. Usually this information is communicated through regular methods, like text, video, and digital graphics. What would the experience be if we designed it to be just slightly wrong? Over the past few months, I’ve created quite a fewContinue reading “Design Experience: flip everything on its head.”

Digital Sanctuary; Design Roadmap

In 2021 we in a developed world are dependent on consuming digital information, this information, is usually communicated through social media and news platforms. The vast majority of visual information is created for three purposes; sharing, informing, and selling a product. Much of this information has proven to be damaging to humans in ways thatContinue reading “Digital Sanctuary; Design Roadmap”

Coffee Lessons: Introduction

The first concept that you need to understand about coffee brewing is the importance of variables. variable noun var·​i·​able | \ ˈver-ē-ə-bəl  \ an element, feature, or factor that is liable to vary or change. “there are too many variables involved to make any meaningful predictions” Coffee brewing has three main steps: the grinding of the coffee, the bloomContinue reading “Coffee Lessons: Introduction”

Three of the Best Resources for Creative Coding

These resources are for students interested in getting into creative coding. We will be focusing on the programming language called Processing. The Coding Train The Coding Train is a YouTube channel that comprehensively teaching processing and its sister language p5.js. My recommendation is the series that focuses on Processing. This is just the outer rimContinue reading “Three of the Best Resources for Creative Coding”

How to procrastinate (@ The Delta School)

I have been going to this school for about two years now and I have mastered the art of procrastinating to the last possible moment to finish a project. In this blog post, I will teach you my ways, ultimately teaching YOU how to graduate with doing minimal work, most of the time. (This isContinue reading “How to procrastinate (@ The Delta School)”