Fresh cuts: Comparing Work

“Measure once, cut once”

Fresh cuts has taken a shift from woodworking to the opposite. Welding! For my next project I want to partner with a famous artist in Memphis, Tn Yvonne Bobo. I was inspired by her work and wanted to first create something alike.

Below is my first sculpture in this journey. Though it isn’t perfect you get the idea and I also got a jump on the skill.

To get a good look of her work below here are some examples

Online studio link below

From looking at her sculptures she does a lot of public demonstration and that’s what I like most. It’s more of an experience when it’s outside and can connect to it. This is my goal and I want to document my journey so stay tuned…

Fresh cuts OUT!

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Recently I have been creating projects based off what I like to do or learn more about. My site shows my work and gives the chance to build my portfolio.

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