Metal Palm Tree Design

Over the course of learning how to weld I have produced several different products. This involves set up and problem solving to get started and knowing which welds are right for the task. One of my best artifacts had the same process. After the idea for the artifact was created then I had to come up with the design. The idea was to create a metal palm tree. This involved sketching, measuring, and research.


Once that was completed it was time to gather the materials and get to work. First I cut sheet metal into one inch wide by 4-5 inch long strips and built a metal bender. This allowed me to create little cylindrical circles that I then stacked on top of each other to create the stalk of the palm tree. Once the stalk was all welded together I then used the grinder to grind the stalk down to create a smooth shine effect. Once that was completed it was time for the leaves of the palm tree.

For the leaves I took sheet metal and sketched out a leaf shape. I cut out the leaf and then with an air compressed powered grinder cut lines into the leaves to create the feathering effect. Once I had finished the leaves and the stalk I used the welder to piece it all together. It looked great. I added some finishing touches, added a base and was done. The final product was a realistic palm tree.


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