Videos Games I Admire

At the start of my junior year, I chose to embark on a new project with the goal of creating my own video game. A lot of my inspiration came from the games I played as a child, the most prominent being Super Mario Bros. I wanted to capture the same feeling I got whenContinue reading “Videos Games I Admire”

Share a Graphic Design Resource (Logos)

As a Graphic Designer a lot of my work ends up being logos for clients, who want to start their own small business. “How to Design a Logo: The Ultimate Guide” is an article written by Antonia Gesch. She talks about the impact of a logo and how it’s goal is to define your business’sContinue reading “Share a Graphic Design Resource (Logos)”

How to make a GIF in Photoshop

Last year, I was doing a lot of freelancing and learned how to create short GIFs using Photoshop. I decided to start making GIFs for my clients who needed advertisement and promotional graphics for their entrepreneurship projects. Learning how to do this was simple enough, but I prefer having a tutorial that I can lookContinue reading “How to make a GIF in Photoshop”

The engagement project: this wasn’t supposed to happen

Let’s be honest. We didn’t find ourselves in the position of writing this article by being good students. Everybody makes mistakes. Also, some of us like to not do our work. Remember the motto of a dear friend of mine: Due tomorrow, do tomorrow.  Side note: as Evie and I (Cass) are writing this, weContinue reading “The engagement project: this wasn’t supposed to happen”