Videos Games I Admire

At the start of my junior year, I chose to embark on a new project with the goal of creating my own video game. A lot of my inspiration came from the games I played as a child, the most prominent being Super Mario Bros. I wanted to capture the same feeling I got whenContinue reading “Videos Games I Admire”

Animation Resources

When I started using Adobe Animate, I not only struggled with learning the program itself, but also with understanding different styles of animation. I was inexperienced and had no clue where to begin. Eventually, I began researching different styles of animation and practicing them on Adobe. One of the first animation pieces I made wasContinue reading “Animation Resources”

SketchUp Resources

TheSketchUpEssentials is a YouTube channel full of tips and tricks for SketchUp. The videos are always fast and easy to understand. Content ranges from simple tools uses to animated robot arm designs. This channel always provides a solution to problems I encounter in SketchUp. If you ever find yourself struggling with SketchUp, this channel isContinue reading “SketchUp Resources”

How to make a GIF in Photoshop

Last year, I was doing a lot of freelancing and learned how to create short GIFs using Photoshop. I decided to start making GIFs for my clients who needed advertisement and promotional graphics for their entrepreneurship projects. Learning how to do this was simple enough, but I prefer having a tutorial that I can lookContinue reading “How to make a GIF in Photoshop”

History of Animation

Animation was created by the French artist Émile Cohl in 1908. Cohl created the traditional foundation of the animation we see today. Animation became a key part of Cohl’s career after he became known for his animations targeting people in political power. Cohl made two animations of the president and he was risking it asContinue reading “History of Animation”

What is Parallax Animation?

Stick with me for a minute: You’re riding shotgun in the car as your friend drives down the long, flat road through Kansas. Your eyes drift out the window as you watch the lines of the road zip zip zip by at lightning speed. The fence along the side of the road undulates and moves,Continue reading “What is Parallax Animation?”