Frank Lloyd Wright vs. Pryce Foyt

Frank Lloyd Wright holds the title for creating this passion I have for architecture. His method of Organic Architecture really lined up with what I wanted to create. From noting this similarity I began to study him and look at his most famous pieces, including one I saw at Crystal Bridges

Now that I have given him some praise I want to compare my current style to his. Showing our skill, our techniques, and what tools we use. Although the type of architecture that we design is the same, our methods are completely different.

Frank Lloyd Wright "Fallingwater" 2012 Architectural Sketch | Falling water  frank lloyd wright, Water sketch, Architectural sketch
Fallingwater | Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

The first difference I can point out is his approach to design. He starts out with some rather simple looking sketches. Although simple I am unable to draw that well. Frank Lloyd Wright then proceeds to iterate this drawing. Creating different perspective drawings. This includes a floor plan, a two point view, and a one point view. To give some context of where I am with this, I am currently taking a class to try to refresh my brain on how to draw in these perspectives. I have yet to create anything past a two point perspective drawing. Due to advancements in technology though I have a different outlet I can use.

What I have is architecture programs. Instead of having multiple sketches and models, I enjoy creating models within programs. Compared to Frank Lloyd Wright, this is a skill that I have over him. Granted this was not fully developed whenever he was in this field of work. To sum up how I compare to Frank Lloyd Wright is really a comparison of timelines. For the time he worked my skills are not close to being as developed as his where, but when comparing his skills to the programs I use he is not as developed as I am.

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