Turtle Towers Collaboration

With spring in full swing, our campus is coming to life. Birds are chirping, the insects are back, and baby turtles are starting to be seen walking around campus. As a result, my science class was tasked with creating a bigger enclosure for our turtles. There needed to be a table to hold the tanks,Continue reading “Turtle Towers Collaboration”

Share a Resource: HVAC Installation

While working on the tiny house, I had to install a HVAC unit (we used a Mr. Cool 12k DIY Mini Split unit). This was a new experience for me, so I had to watch different videos to understand what I was going to do. Here’s one of the videos that I watched for theContinue reading “Share a Resource: HVAC Installation”

How to Create a Dutch Door

It all started when the Tiny House arrived back at the school. It came back without a door and I thought to myself – “What is the fun of just installing a normal door? Let’s make it more complex by taking a slab door and creating a dutch door!”  So when the slab door gotContinue reading “How to Create a Dutch Door”

Meeting With External Clients

In this post I go to Hardy, Arkansas to meet with clients related to my third-year self directed study. I aim to become a professional in architecture, so I took every step I saw fit to replicate that experience. I printed off my designs and observed the site by taking photos and videos.