My path with SketchUp

In my resident expert I focus on digital design. The program I use is SketchUp, which has become the backbone of my projects this year. My first design was for one of the teachers here at the school. The prompt was to create the two sides of each makerspace and create a framed-in breezeway. I received the measurements and drawings and I started to design.

I focused on creating the basic shape of the two buildings and then created the frames that sit inside the breezeway. Once I finished this, I was asked to create our tiny house.

This was an extremely quick draft of it. I was asked to see what would be the best fit for science stations. Then I made quick drafts of how to would look to have different types of furniture, mainly built into the ground. I decided to revisit this design and make it look more polished.

As shown above, I added more details and then tinkered with Vray. Vray is a tool that I use to make my designs look more realistic. This is the first of many recreations I would like to focus on. An example of this is a pigeon loft.

Above is the project I undertook after the first draft of the tiny house. These designs were created for a student here at the school. It started with the brainstorming process. Once I had some ideas, I started my designs. This was the first creation I made that was not a recreation of an already-existing structure. This brings me to my latest work!

This was the first draft of a staircase I created for a family at the school. I started without knowing where the main spaces where. I started by making simple decking and floors leading to the estimated lake side.

This is my second draft of the stairs. After going to Hardy, AR, I was able to understand how everything needed to look. I constructed the side stairs as well as a staircase that is hidden under the hut itself. I received feedback that everything needed to be a lot more secure. So by adding more stringers and wires I came up with the final draft of my project.

For my most recent design, I’ve created the final full scale digital model. After receiving the two rounds of feedback, my clients and I have come to an agreement that we would like to install this design. That will be my final step of this project!

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