Steps to my Own Business

Since I have started working on architecture and just digital design as a whole I realized I might want to start my own business. Since my graduation from high school is coming up in only a year now, I like to think of what I would do if I don’t instantly go to college. OpeningContinue reading “Steps to my Own Business”

Finding my resident expert – CNC Routing

At the high school I attend instead of jobs or roles that a more traditional school would offer, we have what are called resident experts. To be a resident expert in are school means that you are the on-campus expert of a specific craft. When you get into high school you are required to becomeContinue reading “Finding my resident expert – CNC Routing”

“DO NOT DISCARD” Laser Cut Sign

I quickly learned after becoming the Laser Cut expert that the “Z offset” piece of wood that is used to focus the lens of the laser gets either broken or lost very often because of how small it is. I decided to change the design so that the piece of wood is bigger but stillContinue reading ““DO NOT DISCARD” Laser Cut Sign”

Japanese Joinery

Today we will be comparing my work to a well-renowned Japanese craftsman named George Katsutoshi Nakashima. He was a famous American woodworker, architect, and furniture craftsman. He had very many famous works that are so precise, appealing to the eye, and very creative. I just started learning about Japanese joinery and its origins these past fewContinue reading “Japanese Joinery”

Graphic Design Interview

Interviewees –  Lauren Rae Holter (aka Holter Monster) Danny Graham How difficult is it to get a job in this profession? Lauren: I think that entirely depends on your skill set and how you’re able to market yourself. In my experience, there will always be a lot of competition applying for jobs as a GraphicContinue reading “Graphic Design Interview”

Fresh cuts: Interviewing The Other Side

“Measure Once, Cut Once” Ever wondered what It’s like to build something? What about designing? For today’s article I would like to focus on the other side of what I do. Design! Below will be a conversation I had with a classmate Pryce Foyt. Foyt mostly spends his days designing buildings or an idea someoneContinue reading “Fresh cuts: Interviewing The Other Side”

Fresh Cuts: Guest Conversation

“Measure Once, Cut Once” Recently I’ve been learning all about welding and how I can use that skill to create art. Before I get into it I wanted to have a conversation with an expert in the field. Luckily I know a guy! The expert I chose was Tracey Rogers, a guy that’s in theContinue reading “Fresh Cuts: Guest Conversation”

Fresh cuts: Comparing Work

“Measure once, cut once” Fresh cuts has taken a shift from woodworking to the opposite. Welding! For my next project I want to partner with a famous artist in Memphis, Tn Yvonne Bobo. I was inspired by her work and wanted to first create something alike. Below is my first sculpture in this journey. ThoughContinue reading “Fresh cuts: Comparing Work”

Three Dimensional Printing

While 3d printing there are multiple resources that can come to use while experimenting. One of these resources is a website called “Thingiverse” and its a website that consists of people who love to create and post their creations to free use of other printers. One way I like to use this website isContinue reading “Three Dimensional Printing”