Getting started – CNC routing

I was lucky enough to have multiple people and resources to teach me anything I wanted and needed to know about the on-campus CNC router. Although that’s the case for me, I am fully aware that it’s not the case for everyone. The linked video below is a helpful way to get started with aContinue reading “Getting started – CNC routing”

Finding my resident expert – CNC Routing

At the high school I attend instead of jobs or roles that a more traditional school would offer, we have what are called resident experts. To be a resident expert in are school means that you are the on-campus expert of a specific craft. When you get into high school you are required to becomeContinue reading “Finding my resident expert – CNC Routing”

Japanese Joinery

Today we will be comparing my work to a well-renowned Japanese craftsman named George Katsutoshi Nakashima. He was a famous American woodworker, architect, and furniture craftsman. He had very many famous works that are so precise, appealing to the eye, and very creative. I just started learning about Japanese joinery and its origins these past fewContinue reading “Japanese Joinery”

Fresh cuts: Interviewing The Other Side

“Measure Once, Cut Once” Ever wondered what It’s like to build something? What about designing? For today’s article I would like to focus on the other side of what I do. Design! Below will be a conversation I had with a classmate Pryce Foyt. Foyt mostly spends his days designing buildings or an idea someoneContinue reading “Fresh cuts: Interviewing The Other Side”

Fresh Cuts: Vlog

“Measure once, cut once” Ever wondered what my setup looks like? Whether it be the wood side of things or welding, below I created a short vlog of me showing you around. In the vlog you will see the work space I’ve created for welding. Also a look inside our wood-shop here at The DeltaContinue reading “Fresh Cuts: Vlog”

Japanese Woodworking

Japanese woodworking has been around for hundreds of years. The first great revolution of Japanese joinery was during the Yayoi period (200 B.C – A.D. 250). This period was marked by the introduction of iron tools. Two popular joinery pieces were tenons and mortises. The next major period of Japanese woodworking was the Tumulus period,Continue reading “Japanese Woodworking”

Turtle Towers Collaboration

With spring in full swing, our campus is coming to life. Birds are chirping, the insects are back, and baby turtles are starting to be seen walking around campus. As a result, my science class was tasked with creating a bigger enclosure for our turtles. There needed to be a table to hold the tanks,Continue reading “Turtle Towers Collaboration”