Q&A with Mary Beth Byrd

When did you start performing and competing in singing? I started singing as soon as I could talk. I grew up with a stuttering problem and was constantly made fun of it. But when I sing I don’t have a stutter, so singing was a way out of my stuttering problem growing up. Did youContinue reading “Q&A with Mary Beth Byrd”

Design Roadmap of “Westside Honey”

“Westside Honey” is an upbeat song that is written by Samantha Robertson. The song is made up of 100 raw audio files. It was originally produced by Micheal Leto and then given up for competition in April 2021. I’m going to take you through my mixing roadmap and run you through my progress. I startedContinue reading “Design Roadmap of “Westside Honey””

Interview With Neil Passmore

I recently had the pleasure of having an informative call with Neil Passmore. Neil Passmore is a songwriter and the creator of TOURNA-MIX, a website that allows mixing engineers to practice their craft as they compete with others. Some of the questions I asked were how to make it into the music industry, what influencedContinue reading “Interview With Neil Passmore”

How Current Beat Makers Are Changing the Game!

Beat making and the use of beats has been going on since the 70’s. Over the years the world of beat making and producing has changed tremendously. From changing what type of beats you use and the tools you use to make them, it’s safe to say that music today sounds totally different from musicContinue reading “How Current Beat Makers Are Changing the Game!”

How to make Sick Beats with Adobe Audition!

In this Repository I have shared many of my sick beats and my process of making them. For this article I will giving you a tutorial on how to use Adobe Audition, which is the editing software I use to make my music. That way you can be on your way to making music ofContinue reading “How to make Sick Beats with Adobe Audition!”

Sick Beatz and the Christmas Experience!

Back in December, our fellow Early High School friends faced the challenge of making a fun Christmas experience for our school community to enjoy. I saw this as an opportunity for me to share my expertise in audio engineering. I reached out to the EHS students and offered to make them a ‘sick’ Christmas playlistContinue reading “Sick Beatz and the Christmas Experience!”