Design Roadmap of “Westside Honey”

“Westside Honey” is an upbeat song that is written by Samantha Robertson. The song is made up of 100 raw audio files. It was originally produced by Micheal Leto and then given up for competition in April 2021. I’m going to take you through my mixing roadmap and run you through my progress.

I started off by importing the downloaded tracks and then organized them accordingly, foundational to the leads. This means that I starting the mixing process with the bass and drum tracks, then moved on to the lead vocals.

After importing the files I started to pan and set levels accordingly so that the mix would be balanced and listeners could have a pleasant experience.

After that, I started to use effects like equalizers and reverb to create the right atmosphere. The atmosphere I went for was an intimate start, as if you’re in the car jamming out, then a progression to a less intimate feeling- as if you are watching a show and the musicians are in front of you.

This is the EQ for the Bass Tracks.

Once the effects were added, I asked for feedback to see what I could improve on. I also listened from different sources, i.e. car stereo, earbuds, and professional mixing monitors. I do this reference listening to ensure that everyone that listens will be able to experience the full spectrum of the song.

This is the final version of the mix. For comparison, here is the unedited, raw version.

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