How Current Beat Makers Are Changing the Game!

Beat making and the use of beats has been going on since the 70’s. Over the years the world of beat making and producing has changed tremendously. From changing what type of beats you use and the tools you use to make them, it’s safe to say that music today sounds totally different from music in the 70’s. With technology evolving everyday, some of the newest beat makers have found unique ways to create some sick beats!

 Pierre Bourne

He is a graduate from Atlanta’s SAE Institute in Georgia and he’s turning heads in the music industry currently. The way he makes his beats is by using plastic- sound flutes and quirky game sonics. He also uses instruments like heavy bass, snare kicks, dark pianos, and hi hats. However it’s the way he uses the instruments that make his beats so addictive. The drums he uses sounds like they’re being submerged in water and the dark piano sounds like an old toy piano. Once you mix that with old pin ball machines and distorted synths, it sounds like music from old 90’s shows. Either way Pierre has a line of great performers ready to express his music.


It’s clear that the beat making industry is a male dominated field. At the very top of the totem pole is Oshunrinde, aka WondaGurl. She found her fame after collaborating with drake and producing Jay-Z’s Holy Grail. Oshunrinde began her passions as a teenager after entering several beat making competitions. Unlike other beat makers, Oshunrinde likes to use samples of people doing normal things like talking, eating, yawning, and laughing to make her beats. She loves using the drums and synthesizer when mixing her beats. Her music has grabbed the attention of singers like Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar.


If you’re a big fan of Kendrick Lamar then you have probably heard Sounwave’s beats before. Sounwave is mostly known for working with Kendrick Lamar as he’s worked on almost every song with him. He considers himself a perfectionist. One of the main parts of his process is listening to the track over and over again to make sure there are no mess ups. He also likes to experiment with his tracks by changing the instruments he uses. Sounwave prefers to have a variety in what music he makes. One of his pet peeves is having too much of the same in one album. He will do anything, like camping out in sleeping bags to get his creative juices flowing and to find the perfect samples for his music. His most recent project was producing music for the Black Panther soundtrack.

These are only a few of the new beat producers in the game right now. The beat making world is constantly growing with new ideas and new techniques for artist to use.

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