Interview With Neil Passmore

I recently had the pleasure of having an informative call with Neil Passmore. Neil Passmore is a songwriter and the creator of TOURNA-MIX, a website that allows mixing engineers to practice their craft as they compete with others. Some of the questions I asked were how to make it into the music industry, what influenced him to create TOURNA-MIX, and how long he has been experimenting with music. Here’s a synopsis of our conversation.

What influenced you to create TOURNA-MIX? Passmore said that he used to be a part of an older website that did a similar job, which was closed down due to low attendance. He then decided that he wanted to give mixing engineers a chance to access professional tracks they can mix and use in their portfolio.

How long have you been in the industry? Neil has been in the music industry ever since he joined his first money-making band in his twenties. He’s also been playing guitar since he was a teenager.

Any advice for getting into the music industry? Passmore said that “commitment and dedication are everything when you are mixing and engineering”. If you are a musical artist, then a good grasp on advertisement is amazing.

Passmore’s answers not only increased my dedication to this art, but also allowed me to understand how he thinks as a professional and compare and contrast our work styles.

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