Monitor Debezleing

For this tutorial I am going to teach you how to debezl a monitor. This process is usually for either combining multiple screens or just to take off the logo.


Step One: You are going to want to remove your monitor from the stand. Since we are using an old Dell monitor. All we had to do was press a button and slide the monitor off of the stand.

Step Two: Once you have separated the monitor from the stand you can then lay the screen face down and remove any screws that are holding the plastic/metal in place.

Step Three: once you have removed that screws you can begin prying the plastic pieces off of the monitor. I used a flat head screwdriver for this and it seemed to work the best.

Step Four: After you have removed the plastic off of the back you can then start to remove it from the front. you should also only have to use the same technique that you used for the back!

Step Five: Once you have taken all of the front trim off you should need to unscrew the buttons off. I used a small Philips head.

Step Six: After removing the buttons from the front trim. You are going to want to remove every screw that you see front, back, and sides.

Step Seven: After removing the screws you need to remove these cables. To remove the cables you need to firmly pull on them one at a time.

Step Eight: After you have removed the cables and screws, you then can lift up on the bottom side and focus on the half with the circuit boards.

Step Nine: Once the boards are exposed you then need to remove all of the screws that are connecting the board to the frame. Once you have done that you then can start to jiggle and pull the boards out of place and pull them all of the way out.

Step Ten: After removing the boards you then need to plug the boards back into their designated places. To do this you can gently push the plugs where they belong. If it does not plug in then you might need to flip the plug around.

Step Ten: After plugging in all of your plugs you can then give your very ugly and very DANGEROUS monitor power.

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