Music Theory

Music Theory is the study of how songs go together and how notes can align. Music theory starts off with basic knowledge of what music notes are and how they go with each other and create music. 

Once you get deeper into the study of music theory you then start to scratch the surface of how notes can create songs and the mathematics behind the music. It can also include things on how to play these notes together in different ways and “forms”, these forms are how these notes can go together in different ways making things from verses and choruses. One you travel deeper into this you can then start to learn about the cultural backgrounds and how different types of music can coexist with each other and form different kinds of music. These different types of music then create genres of music.

If you then want to continue your adventure with music theory you could then study how these different types of music can make you feel and how they can affect yourself physiologically which can then fall under the category of “Psychoacoustics”. Even though I do not know much about the topic of Psychoacoustics, I can’t wait to learn more about the topic and further my knowledge of music theory.

A way to start off your journey is to start with basic theory (if you know nothing). Another way to start is to enroll in a free online course, they are commitment free and you get to learn all types of theory from beginner to advanced. You could also reach out to a local music teacher if you are interested in a one on one type of teaching that’s in person. Also here are some links to free music theory courses. There are also some great YouTube channels that use popular songs and break down their musical composition.

Music Theory Links

Basic Music Theory for Beginners – The Complete Guide

YouTube Channels

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