How to Create a Dutch Door

It all started when the Tiny House arrived back at the school. It came back without a door and I thought to myself – “What is the fun of just installing a normal door? Let’s make it more complex by taking a slab door and creating a dutch door!” 

So when the slab door got here, I had to get to work and figure out how I was going to split it and make it work the way we wanted it to. I knew that the Tiny House crew wanted a shelf to be added to the bottom of the door for serving coffee. So one thing I had to do was make sure that I cut off enough for the shelf to fit onto the door. For the shelf, I took a piece of older barn wood. There were some challenging parts when it came to the installation of the door – chiseling out the hinge holes to putting the skid plate on the door frame and, also, installing the door frame/jamb. 

Anyway, here are the steps I used to make the dutch door:

  1. Decide how you will split your door.
  2. Mark where to cut your door.
  3. Cut the door.
  4. Measure to make sure the cut was right.
  5. Once the door is cut, make sure that it fits into the frame.
  6. Cut the shelf to the right width of the door.
  7. Install the shelf to the door.
  8. If you are painting it a certain color, paint the door during this step.
  9. Attach the hardware to the door.
  10. Attach the door hinges to the door, then attach the door to the frame.
  11. Shut the door a few times to see how well it fits.
  12. Then look back at the door and be proud of your hard work!

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