Working With Ray Benson

The guest I have been in conversation with is Ray Benson, from the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. I was able to get in contact with Mr. Ray through Mrs. Brown. We’ve talked about many different things throughout my project. For my junior project, I am studying hay production. I will be running test plots that will have different amounts of nitrogen in different locations across the field. We’re going back over the pasture next week to mark out the plots and spray the pasture so that the weeds will die off. We want the grass to take over the weeds. I’m going to fly my drone using a software called Drone Deploy.

Once the pictures are taken, Ray and I will upload them into arcGIS so that we can analyze the pasture. When summer rolls around, we’ll start cutting the pasture, which will be done mostly by hand so that nothing will be mixed up. After each cutting, we will send off a handful of the samples to the lab. We will then look at the data that we collected, analyze the data, and use the statistics.

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