BallyCast Compare & Contrast

As we have been waiting to hear back from NPR about the results of the podcast competition, I have spent time considering the BallyCast submission and the quality of it compared to other podcasts. You can listen to ‘The Hauntings of Breckie’ at this link – These are some past winners and honorable mentions:Continue reading “BallyCast Compare & Contrast”

The engagement project: this wasn’t supposed to happen

Let’s be honest. We didn’t find ourselves in the position of writing this article by being good students. Everybody makes mistakes. Also, some of us like to not do our work. Remember the motto of a dear friend of mine: Due tomorrow, do tomorrow.  Side note: as Evie and I (Cass) are writing this, weContinue reading “The engagement project: this wasn’t supposed to happen”

Campfire Stories with Ally

The Legend of the Crescent Hotel They call them the guests that once checked in, and never checked out. The infamous hotel located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is well known for its strange occurrences, dark past, and unseeable visitors that wander the hotel at night. There have been thousands of reported stories from guest thatContinue reading “Campfire Stories with Ally”