Photography Composition

In photography there are a ton of different techniques and rules on how to get just the right photo. Starting out can be intimidating, but it isn’t as hard as it looks. In this tutorial I’m gonna be going over a couple of different techniques in photography and how to use them to your advantage. Continue reading “Photography Composition”


This year I have been learning and practicing screen printing which is the art of transferring a stenciled design onto a surface using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee (a rubber blade). Halftone printing is a screen printing method that emphasizes the use of tiny dots to create shading.  This technique allows you toContinue reading “Halftones”


Clinton Ellis “Measure Once, Cut Once” What is a sculpture? It’s a part of visual arts, something three-dimensional, or forms and figures. When I think of a sculpture, I think of something eye-appealing and cool to look at. In my previous post, I introduced you to my next project; making metal sculptures, and I’m bloggingContinue reading “Fresh Cuts: ONTO BETTER THINGS”

Steps to my Own Business

Since I have started working on architecture and just digital design as a whole I realized I might want to start my own business. Since my graduation from high school is coming up in only a year now, I like to think of what I would do if I don’t instantly go to college. OpeningContinue reading “Steps to my Own Business”

Getting started – CNC routing

I was lucky enough to have multiple people and resources to teach me anything I wanted and needed to know about the on-campus CNC router. Although that’s the case for me, I am fully aware that it’s not the case for everyone. The linked video below is a helpful way to get started with aContinue reading “Getting started – CNC routing”

Finding my resident expert – CNC Routing

At the high school I attend instead of jobs or roles that a more traditional school would offer, we have what are called resident experts. To be a resident expert in are school means that you are the on-campus expert of a specific craft. When you get into high school you are required to becomeContinue reading “Finding my resident expert – CNC Routing”

“DO NOT DISCARD” Laser Cut Sign

I quickly learned after becoming the Laser Cut expert that the “Z offset” piece of wood that is used to focus the lens of the laser gets either broken or lost very often because of how small it is. I decided to change the design so that the piece of wood is bigger but stillContinue reading ““DO NOT DISCARD” Laser Cut Sign”