Comparative Exercise; Michael Reeves

Creative coding is a very large field, computer processing content creation can take the from of really anything. Someone I admire a lot in the Creative coding community is Michael Reeves. Michael Reeves is a YouTube creator that specializes in robotics and programming content. Much of his content is well, to be frank, just anContinue reading “Comparative Exercise; Michael Reeves”

Compare and Contrast: TLC Highlights and Moving Manila Forward

Here’s an example of some of my editing work. I split the editing with another member of my team, and we filmed and finished it in about 2 days. Filming for an event like this one (a conference) is fun! The pressure of needing a showable video ready at the end of the event createsContinue reading “Compare and Contrast: TLC Highlights and Moving Manila Forward”

Japanese Joinery

Today we will be comparing my work to a well-renowned Japanese craftsman named George Katsutoshi Nakashima. He was a famous American woodworker, architect, and furniture craftsman. He had very many famous works that are so precise, appealing to the eye, and very creative. I just started learning about Japanese joinery and its origins these past fewContinue reading “Japanese Joinery”

Design Roadmap: Garden

Throughout the resident expert aspect of the year, I was able to work in the garden. Mr. Todd had me doing different tasks around the garden to help out in any way that I could. At the start, I was mainly focusing on compost to further my knowledge in that field. Once I got theContinue reading “Design Roadmap: Garden”

Graphic Design Interview

Interviewees –  Lauren Rae Holter (aka Holter Monster) Danny Graham How difficult is it to get a job in this profession? Lauren: I think that entirely depends on your skill set and how you’re able to market yourself. In my experience, there will always be a lot of competition applying for jobs as a GraphicContinue reading “Graphic Design Interview”

Fresh cuts: Interviewing The Other Side

“Measure Once, Cut Once” Ever wondered what It’s like to build something? What about designing? For today’s article I would like to focus on the other side of what I do. Design! Below will be a conversation I had with a classmate Pryce Foyt. Foyt mostly spends his days designing buildings or an idea someoneContinue reading “Fresh cuts: Interviewing The Other Side”