Design Experience: flip everything on its head.

Design experience and the visualization of information is essential to conveying important emotions, thoughts, information, and concepts. Usually this information is communicated through regular methods, like text, video, and digital graphics. What would the experience be if we designed it to be just slightly wrong?

Over the past few months, I’ve created quite a few graphics for my project, including flyers, business cards, and infographics. I have experimented with innovative ways to share my project information(Instagram tiles). Throughout the design process, one term always has been ringing in my head: user experience.

While these may be relatively decent logos and marketable designs, they certainly aren’t unique, and they don’t give a user a novel experience.

Instagram: @wilson.rides

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User experience is a relatively new, all-too-important concept that we as consumers and designers need to keep in mind when creating or consuming products. Understanding your overall experience when doing something is imperative for understanding your role in a system.

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