Three of the Best Resources for Creative Coding

These resources are for students interested in getting into creative coding. We will be focusing on the programming language called Processing.

  1. The Coding Train

The Coding Train is a YouTube channel that comprehensively teaching processing and its sister language p5.js. My recommendation is the series that focuses on Processing.

Episode one of Shiffman’s Series

This is just the outer rim of The Coding Trains cinematic universe. I highly recommend continuing to look further into his lessons.

2. The Processing Site (P3D\

The Processing website is a great tool to find tutorials and example projects. The Reference and Examples pages have been most helpful to me.

The Example page on the processing site is best for explanation of functions and programs.

The Reference page is best for learning all the functions and syntax of the programing language.


OpenProcessing is an open source creative coding repository. It’s a great tool to share your creative designs on Processing and p5.js.

The Sketches page of OpenProcessing

I gain so much inspiration to create after looking through OpenProcessing. The inspiration and community factor is certainly my favorite part about this resource.

These three resources push you headfirst into the world of creative coding. As you use these resources, remember to be creative and have fun!

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