Roadmap for Literature, Literacy, and English

For those of you that are unaware (hopefully all the high schoolers are aware), the high school students this year are each a resident expert of something that, over the years, they have become slightly skilled at. My resident area of expertise has been affectionately dubbed LLE meaning Literature, Literacy, and English. To quote my younger brother, my resident expert is in “being a Gray,” meaning ELA of sorts.

To create artifacts for this, I couldn’t build something with the laser cutter or piece songs and special effects together like my peers. (You should totally check out there articles, tracks, and all that jazz. It’s pretty cool.) Instead, I delved into all sorts of different learning websites, articles, and crafts in order to build a type of portfolio for The Delta School’s teachers, should they want it. That ‘portfolio’ can be viewed with this link.

In the portfolio, you will see that I worked on specific classes/age ranges and listed out crafts and ideas that I created. Personally, my favorite of all the class ideas would be the ones for Intermediate and Early High School. Since that age range is roughly 12-14, I was able to create more individual projects such as dioramas and podcasts. My favorite proposal out of all these would be the either the EHS Book Country (students would read a book and then create a collage of information on that country) or the Book Model UN (students would all read the same book, e.i. Hunger Games, and then be assigned characters/roles from the book before debating their characters’ point of view to come to a consensus such as, ending the war for a free Panem (I hope you get the gist of what I’m saying if you have not read the Hunger Games).

Anyway, that is my resident expert, LLE, also known as “being a Gray.” I have enjoyed creating project ideas and am looking forward to helping implement them in the nearby future!

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