How to Make Your Transcript 3rd Year to 4th Year First Semester:

3rd Year First Semester:

Make your MTC account. Your email address will just be your TDS one and you’ll have a password given to you by Mr. P that you can change whenever you want. Add 1 or 2 evidences in Seminar and promptly forget the password.

3rd Year Second Semester:

After being told multiple times by the teachers to work on your MTC, reset your password that you forgot sometime around March or April. Then revise your evidences from last semester before stopping for the rest of the semester because you’ll work on it in the summer. After all, that’s what your teachers said to do.

Summer in Between 3rd Year and 4th Year:

There is really no point in working on MTC. After all, you’ll always have next semester.

4th Year First Half of the First Semester:

Realize that you really have a lot of MTC to catch up on. Desperately try to remember all the projects you worked on in the last four years. Blame the teachers for not keeping a list of it or reminding you to work on MTC. Ultimately, always blame the teacher. Frantically make about 10 more evidences, or however many you want really, and then forget about making slides. 

4th Year Around the Middle of the First Semester:

Redo all your evidences so they have proper capitalization and grammar. Make all your slides for your evidences. Redo all your slides so the pictures are professional and the words are good. and go to the forms requesting your transcript be sent off to colleges (after you finish your college apps, of course). Then forget about your college apps because you’ll have plenty of time to do scholarships and update MTC later… 

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