How to Go on a Haunted Trip

If you want to go on a haunted trip, the first thing you have to do is corner Mr. Buckley in the AV room. You need to convince him that going on this haunted trip will not only be a fun experience but will also help improve your podcasting skills in a new way. Once Mr. Buckley approves of your haunted trip, you must begin to budget out the expedition. You need to find the hotel you will stay in as well as how much that will cost a night. Use a gas calculator to find out how much money will be needed to drive from the school to the hotel and back again and put that in the budget spreadsheet as well. Try to keep the whole trip under $1,000! This may make you need to stay in an unhaunted hotel the first night of your trip, but I promise it will be worth it.

After your budget is compiled, share it with Mr. Buckley and the teacher you have chosen to accompany you on this haunted journey. Mr. Buckley will then discuss the budget with the other teachers. While this is happening, pray that it will get approved to make your haunted dreams come true. Once the budget is approved by the teachers, ask your teacher companion, Ms. Cowdery, if she would be willing to pay for the trip that she will be reimbursed for later. When she hands her credit card to you and tells you that you can pay for it yourself, do not buy anything but what is on the budget. Also, have fun committing fraud.

Side note – do not tell the teachers that you accidentally booked two rooms and were frantically calling the hotel for the rest of the day to ensure that one of those bookings got canceled.

Now your haunted hotel has been proposed, approved, budgeted, and booked! Congratulations! Have fun on your haunted adventure and don’t forget to press the record button!

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