Campfire Stories with Ally

The Legend of the Crescent Hotel

They call them the guests that once checked in, and never checked out. The infamous hotel located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is well known for its strange occurrences, dark past, and unseeable visitors that wander the hotel at night. There have been thousands of reported stories from guest that have stayed there. Some were unexplainable… all were frightening. Overall the hotel’s ghostly and terrifying theme has deemed it the most haunted hotel in America. The hotel was the perfect subject for my upcoming podcast for my GOA class.

I was in the Creative Non-fiction GOA class. For our final assignment our teacher let us choose what we wanted to write about, as long as the story was true. In the past I mentioned my passion for podcasting and decided to pitch the idea to my teacher. We met on a zoom call and she gave me the okay to make a podcast. I’ve always wanted to make a podcast around an urban legend, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I began researching different urban legends in the area and the Crescent Hotel was the first that popped up. I then chose a true story about a guests experience and began the production of the podcast. I made several drafts and applied a lot of feedback. This my final draft of the podcast! I hope you enjoy and don’t get too spooked.

Campfire Stories with Ally: The Crescent Hotel

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