Conversation with David Andree

David Andree is an artist whose work spans painting, drawing, sculpture, and sound. He has had work exhibited at James Cohan Gallery and Metro Pictures in New York City, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Hallwalls, the Big Orbit Gallery, Exhibit-A and the Burchfield Nature and Art Center in upstate New York, in addition to numerous venuesContinue reading “Conversation with David Andree”

Landscape Painting Tutorial

Before you start working with watercolors, it’s good to know that when working with watercolors, you always want to start with light and go dark instead of doing the opposite. If you start dark and just so happen to make a mistake, it’s going to be much harder to fix that mistake by simply coveringContinue reading “Landscape Painting Tutorial”

Painting with the best group of kids in the world

Let me just start off by saying that if I had to choose between working with kids or adults on art projects, I’d totally choose kids. For starters, I found out that when you’re working with kids, they are amazed by just about anything art related. Secondly, they will appreciate anything that the older kidContinue reading “Painting with the best group of kids in the world”

So you wanna be better at painting?

We all know that painting isn’t the easiest thing to do. We see paintings in museums or on the internet and we think – “Man… I wish I could do that.” Well, it’s actually not as hard as it seems. Most of us have painted to some degree, at some point, in our lives butContinue reading “So you wanna be better at painting?”