Who you gonna call? Pigeon Diplomacy!

If you’ve had a conversation with me in the past year, you’ll know that I’m very passionate about pigeons. Not only do I find them fascinating, but I’ve also found a massive amount of passion for keeping my own pigeons at home and discovering their unique personalities. By far the best resource for me throughContinue reading “Who you gonna call? Pigeon Diplomacy!”

How to record audio in the field

Not everything you will want to record can be captured from within the comfort of the recording booth, sometimes you have to venture out into the vast unpredictable universe. Luckily, bringing your audio equipment with you will be the least daunting part of your journey into the outside world, because the process is as simpleContinue reading “How to record audio in the field”

How I Made the Learning Repository Logo

We were nearing Christmas break, and the website had just been announced. In classic high school style, I was sitting at my desk pretending to work. For once, though, I really didn’t have anything to do… mostly. Certainly, I didn’t have a busy schedule. There was news of a new website in the works, andContinue reading “How I Made the Learning Repository Logo”