Who you gonna call? Pigeon Diplomacy!

If you’ve had a conversation with me in the past year, you’ll know that I’m very passionate about pigeons. Not only do I find them fascinating, but I’ve also found a massive amount of passion for keeping my own pigeons at home and discovering their unique personalities.

By far the best resource for me through my pigeon-keeping journey has been Palomacy, the country’s most prominent pigeon rescue.

Palomacy is based in California, and unfortunately limits their operations to their own state, but their online presence spreads across the globe. It has countless resources on pigeon care, but more importantly, they are the resource when it comes to pigeon rescue and rehabilitation.

Most animal rescues in the country won’t accept pigeons, so these resources are vital if you ever find yourself crossing paths with a pigeon in need.

As unlikely as the circumstance may be, I hope that you remember Palomacy if/when you need it. Here’s a link to their home page where you can learn, adopt, and donate to the cause (plus a bonus photo of my own rescued pidge.) You can also find their Facebook page, which is full of experienced keepers ready to help.

my adopted son, Stranger, just a day after he crash landed on my porch in a snowstorm

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