How to Film a Professional Interview

The following post details how to set up and shoot a good quality interview with the equipment we have available at The Delta School. It can be a pretty tricky process at first, but once you get the general rules down, it’ll be smooth sailing! Materials 2-3 Cameras & Tripods Camera Batteries & Chargers 3Continue reading “How to Film a Professional Interview”

Understanding the Carbon Cycle

The carbon cycle is one of many biogeochemical processes important to life on Earth. It also happens to be, mostly due to human activity, the primary culprit behind climate change. This occurs when carbon sinks, which are long-term storage places, release burnt fossil fuels into the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide. Here isContinue reading “Understanding the Carbon Cycle”

Climate Change: Carbon Footprint Calculator As a climate advocate, it’s very important that you recognize the primary sources of your carbon emissions and seek to alleviate them. The following carbon footprint calculator will help you accomplish this. Here were my calculated emissions! Through this, I can see that shelter and goods account for the majority of my carbon footprint.Continue reading “Climate Change: Carbon Footprint Calculator”