My Inspiration for Remixing

Like many others, my passion for remixing songs and adding beats didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Before I started making my own music, some of my favorite music to listen to was remixes of songs that were posted on YouTube. One of my favorite remixing YouTube channels is Trap Nation. I used many of their songs to inspire and create some of the beats I make. One of my favorite remixes of theirs is Umbrella by Rihanna.

Although I used their songs as inspiration, the beats I made weren’t exactly similar to the ones that Trap Nation makes.

My Advanced Track

One of the key differences is the type of media we use. In Trap Nation’s remixes, they usually like to use only one song and then they add effects and beats to that song. My beats, on the other hand, usually consist of three or more songs. Instead of adding beats to the one song itself, I usually add beats in between the songs. Trap Nation also uses way more effects and reverbs than I do. The majority of the time, I don’t use that many effects, besides editing the music of the songs to fit the beats I’m adding. I also like to experiment with what songs I put over what beats. Trap Nation does the same thing, which is why I’m not afraid to admit that Trap Nation’s remixes sound much cleaner than mine. However, remixing and adding beats take a lot of practice, and I’m still a beginner.

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