Singing 101-Warming Up

Warming up your voice before singing is very important! When you warm your voice up before singing it expands your range (how high and low you can sing) and helps you relax the muscles that help you sing.

How to warm up your singing voice:

  1. Stretch your body (especially your upper body). Start by rolling your neck in circles, then move down to your shoulders. Loosening your body allows it to use all of the muscles that help you sing.
  1. Hum for at least one minute. Humming with your tongue at the roof of your mouth and your lips closed helps you warm up your voice without putting any strain on your vocal cords.
  1. Loosen your mouth and lips. Make a “brrr” noise vibrating your lips, until you feel like your lips are loosened.
  1. Make a “sss” noise like a snake and try to use as much diction while being as forward as possible for one minute.
  1. If you have a piano, start by pressing the keys until you find the note that matches your talking voice. First start singing “mi mi mi mi” to match the key your playing. Slowly go a couple of notes at a time to the right side of your piano, until you’ve reached the highest notes you can sing. You will repeat this method, again starting at the note of your talking voice. Now sing lower (going towards the left end of the piano) until you’ve reached the lowest notes you can sing.
  1. If you don’t have a piano you can do the same thing! A piano just helps people know what notes they’re singing. You start by singing “mi mi mi mi” in your talking voice and go up or down (depending if your singing lower or higher) a couple of notes at a time until you’ve reached the end of your low or high range.

Now you are warmed up for singing! 

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