Fresh Cuts: Baseboards

“Measure once, cut once”

Ever wondered how to cut a baseboard? In this thread I’m explaining my measure and angle techniques.

Step 1. First I need to make an interior miter cut at 45 degrees to fit in my other baseboard (Example 2). Before I do that I need to change my “chop saw” to cut the angle I need as shown on (Example 1)

Step 2. Next I need to measure the length of the base board (Example 2) which is 27″. First I need to mark out where my 1 1/2″ wide trim will go (Example 3), so my baseboard doesn’t run in the way of it. (Example 1) Shows me starting to measure from the flat part of the baseboard.

Step 3. Now I know my board needs to be 27″ long (Example 1) with a straight-edge cut. I will move my “chop saw” back to a 0 degree tilt and cut (Example 2).

Step 4. This is when I install my baseboard to the wall. First I’ll match my two 45 degree cuts together (Example 1). Then make sure it doesn’t pass the mark for my 1 1/2″ trim board (Example 2). After I make sure everything is right I can nail it in with the air gun (Example 3).

Now you know how to install a baseboard!

–Fresh Cuts OUT–

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